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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  August 27, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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you know, the ones who do such a super job, they're backed by the superguarantee®? only superpages®. wherever you are, wherever you're going, you'll find the super buness you need. so next time, let the good guys save the day. get the superguarantee®, only at superpages®. in the book ... on your phone or online. >> shepard: this is fox news continuing coverage of hurricane irene. irene as it storms up the east coast. officials blaping irene for six deaths including an len year old boy killed when a tree crashed through his roof. his mother survived and officials say another child killed in a car crash after
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the storm knocked out traffic signals. irene cut power to more than a million homes and businesses. and there are millions more in the path especially in new york city. the city emptied out and hut down. you can see service alerts. and subways and buses and commuter trains will be shut town through monday. in addition they are ordering the first hurricane evacuation that new york city has seen . not everyone is listening. mayor bloomburg warned those who stayed behind they are on your own. where is this storm projected to go. >> the storm has exited in open water and impacting parts of north carolina.
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it is raining in north carolina and clouds entering the southern portions of canada. and it is out from the center of the storm. and extend up to 290 miles out from the center of the storm. if you need to keep in mind it is a massive storm and impacting large area in the northeast and midatlantic states . there is dryer air in the center of the storm system. that's something we will continue to monitor. we want to focus on the amount of rain it is tropical storm force winds in the regions and being that threat of tornados, we have a tornado watch issued in the state of jersey and
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extend nothing long island and new york city. you are in this. philadelphia you are to the west of the that. this is manage you will watch again. and the winds are gusting up there in porgs of north carolina. and still at hat -- cape hatteras. and they are extending northward and new york city still not too bad. 17 miles per hour and if you are out there right now, you are probably thinking it is not too bad and nothing. and the state farm is headed here and the winds will be on the rise. otherwise, it is a big rain maker. 14 inches of rain out of the north karl color and still raining and we are expecting more rain and general 6 inches of rain from virginia all the way to new england. 20 inches in the mountainous terrain. and that lifting over the mountains. current forecast track just to
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the south of norfolk and continue to track northward at 75 miles per hour winds. and so it could weaken a bit. and landfall in new york city and western portions of long island is expected tomorrow morning and by sunday it will be inland. >> sometime tomorrow after sunrise. i don't know if that much matter. >> it is so big that storm surge is a big concern in the region. you are looking at on shore flow and that is two or eight aim. we'll have big problems in portions of long island or on the coast. general thinking. 2:00 a.m. or 8:00 a.m.. high tide. >> shepard: we have talked about the high tide. there is a new moon and that makes it much higher and now add to this and waves on top
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of it. >> here's what we are watchful and hopeful about. i am not saying it is diminishing. but watch the orange and then look at white and gray. on the left and see that. that is trier air infusing in this thing and it is like shooting in the middle of it. the hope is, watch. it wrap around the eye and force this thing apart. do we think it is going to happen? no. >> is the national hurricane center say it is going to happen? no. if it is coming to new york city and nothing gets weird and stops it and comes to the west of new york city and fills up the hudson river and floods manhattan and the subway system. this city has huge short-term problems ahead and a economic
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blow to the city. when new york suffers, the nation suffers. monday is difficult enough with a lack much transportation and getting two and is a nightmare. this is one of the slowest times of the year for new york city residents. there is almost no one here in august. european tourist and southern schools have gone to school. and people are at summer houses and doing whatever they do. we are not full of new yorkers here anyway. if it was weak, this is one. we'll be in a world of hurt. wehave a new's conference. virginia governor bob americadonald. virginia is in the path . a lot of concern there. >> elizabeth river. it is a bad timing with the winds at their peak at the
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same time as high tide. so storm surge is dangerous and we urge no body to go out or anywhere near the water right now. it is extremely, extremely hazardous. aware that we have dramatic power outages in the state currently. and the last report 796,959 customers without power. that means hook ups and that means on average two and half people per hook up. and we are looking close to two million people without power. that is do minia and coops and others we expect it to be over that point and certain with this storm tracking the way it is, tropical storm force winds expected for 6-9 hours and rainfall amounts 10-12 inches or more, far greater number
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will. we expect limbs and trees to be down. it is a significant number. 283,000 in hampton roads and more of that in richmond. because of the heavy rain and gusts and number of trees down. 350,000 in richmond and 21,000 in northern virginia and others is scattered around the state. >> residents can go to www., if they want more information. please be patient and they will not all be fixed tonight. tomorrow, crews are pulled off of the road because of the danger to them and they will get back be soon as it is safe, it will be a while. days before all power is fully restored. and up to nine inches of rain are expected in hampton roads area. and potential exists up to 15
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inches. we have several localits in the route 4 60 corridor received upwards of 16 inches and it will rain for a considerable time as you can see on the maps. this is a dangerous situation. it is significant in virginia. and many of the areas will take a while for rivers to creast and enter a flood stage. we are expecting a day or longer of challenges when it comes to high water. >> now, sadly this storm has already claimed two lives. one in bruns vick and new port news from falling trees. we have a unconfirmed point of third fatalities because of a downedistry. i mentioned that we have
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300,000 evacuation and as much as tens of thousands of others who voluntarily evacuated and 49 localits declared local emergency declarations and all of eastern virginia and jurisdiction to the west. we have 14 localits that are ordered mandatory evacuations and most of the those were completed by noon today. let me give you the status report on the roads. all of the bridge tunnel in. hampton roads have been closed and commissioner warren will up date you on when they plan to reopen those. they have reponded to 152 track crashes and disabled vehicles. and a lot trouble in the state
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of virginia. two million virginia residents. he said 700,000 hook ups and two million virginiians without power and add that to north carolina and quick math indicates three million americans who are without power as fox reports tonight. >> at least six or more deaths that are contributed to this. if you thought that arhine will be a nothing strong. it is deadly so far and continuing to be on the move. one of those helping us to tell the story in cape hatteras in north carolina and all of the roads are closed and no power. >> good evening, shep. we have been had power.
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the dunes and breaches occurred of frisco and significant break in the dunes. we the outer banks of that is cut off from the main land again just like it was in isa belle. it is dark and it is very heavy wind and still as the hurricane loses a track up north. we have had torrential rain and battering waves and the sound on the north side of cape hatteras was monopolied of water. it rained back to the west. 5:00, the water came rushing back the sound. you can see people doing that before the water came rushing back five hours later. it is an incredible day in
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cape hatteras. >> what a story you have seen and told body today. >> one of the questions tonight, exactly where is this storm going as it makes land. second hit will be around new york city. and a scientist will be here to give us an explanation for what that means. and word out of new england. boston's public transit city will be shut down. and all day tonight and tomorrow and monday through the evening rush. historic emily and that is emily. it is irene. why i want it to be emily is beyond me. times square. no body. beautiful thing. love it.
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>> shepard: tropical storm force winds extend from the center of the storm up to 200 miles. you can have 400 miles across. and that is an enormous area. and the pressure is 950 milibarrings. that is a low number and a strong system for a system that is so spread out. if it were more tightly wound, it would begin that pressure be a two or three. i want to mention the dry air. watch it there. see the last frame of the infra-red satellite loop? see the blue and gray below virginia beach.
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if that happens all night. this storm could weaken. do we think it is going to. we don't. that is not the prediction. it looks like little bits of the evidence that something good for all of us might be going on prediction, no. doug in ocean city maryland. you have been in the beach and it is it still a mess? >> it is still a mess. we were optmistic we had dodged the bullet. the lights went out here. and i have a great [inaudible] >> and digital satellite that is happening there and the way it works, if you only slightly blown, the satellite dish you lose the signal. and in internet you got it to
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fade and there is doug breaking up in hundred little boxes. >> doug try it again. >> i don't know what you heard. folks down in virginia we had the lights go out here in ocean city. we had them out five seconds and came back on. and down south in the downtown part of the stay and so it went out again. we'll see how far it goes. i don't expect it to get better. highatoid occurred at seven : 45 and the water from the ocean remains in the lip of the do you knows and not surprised - surpaysed it. and looks like the sea wall is holding up and not in. and and shout out to every
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>> shepard: hurricane irene is barreling up the east coast. the loop jogged to the right and over open waters and there
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is a dry area. the storm has been round and well formed and organized for a very long time. sometimes, when they get better organize tighten speed up. but in this case, there is dry air that is coming underneath the eye in the southwest quad rant of the this thing. if it continues, we could have weakening here. we are not predicting that. fox news weather center is not projecting that. but our eyes, it is there. there is dry air below it and we are hopeful. rick is live in atlantic city new jersey where all is quiet. hello, rick,. >>reporter: last hour or two driving rain and high winds and if you look down the boardwalk, it is empty.
5:25 pm
we have seen police officers cruising up and down. and when they see someone who is out here, they tell them to go inside and take cover. you can look up in the wind here. again, just getting worse by the hour. we had one of our engineers drive down the street and hit a wall of water he said it was up to the door on the car and over the hood. there is localized street flooding in atlantic city. that is a big concern and why they evacuated. first mandatory evacuation of the history of the this gambling town. more than 90 percent of the residents got out and visitors kicked out of their hotel rooms and no revenue for any businesses here except for one tavern that is serving police and firefighters and anyone who needs sustenance in the
5:26 pm
storm. >> we go to the squares. digitalt satellite system. hopefully he will reemerge like geny did. it is windy and raining and flash flooding and if you are there, stay at home there. coastal geoology professor nicholas koch on the live line to talk about what all of thesios mean. it is nice to talk to you, thank you. and you heard proyections for america's largest city. how do you process it? >> guest: there was a category 1 one, two storm and socked in new york city and historical records show there was massive flooding and the battery, the sea rows, and hudson river and
5:27 pm
east river met across canal street. and new york city is vulnerable to salt water flooding which most of the media have concentrated on, but the other thing is fresh water flooding it is it a wet storm and drop a lot of moisture and there is no place to q. , it is all concrete and bed rock. >> shepard: we had a big rain and so the ground is saturated. >> guest: it is just saturate then you have the wind acts, that remember, the first place you see hills on the atlantic coast is long island. that channels the winds and makes them stronger and then the sky scrapers. they tend to compress the wind and make it goes faster and that pulls out the windows and we saw it in hurricane ike in
5:28 pm
houston, the streets were gatered with glass and then rooftops. covered with satellite dishs and water tanks and all sorts of things that can be torn loose. winds in the top of the building are stronger than down in the street. you have a four-ring circus going on in the same time. >> winds in the street level, this is not including the buildings. winds go up 20 stories and be 20 percent stronger and cent percent that is 30 percent and that is big numbers. and we have different sizes and the modeling has shown that the wind paterns in the down size of the building winnows smash in. this is a complexity that we never saw before. having a major city hit by
5:29 pm
water and wind. >> shepard: never in the history of the united states has so many population centers target by one storm and nothing like this happened here in new york city especially if there would be a landfall in new york city which the forecasters are predicting to happen early tomorrow morning and after sunrise and before you go to church, that is tomorrow here in new york. people in the will get all over it. there is a lot of dry air getting behind the southern tip of that eye. you can see it right there. is there room for hope. meteorologist tell me to shut up and i watched it for years and that is a good sign. continuing coverage right after this. top of the news, we are live in the extreme weather center next. hurry into cbfest
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5:34 pm
boston and there is a tropical storm warning to the north in canada. so the warnings began in the state north carolina and extend to canada. north carolina, john robert in kill devil hills continuing to monitoring progress and it is still windy. >> it is still wintedy but not raining. this is the dryness that you talked about. really pulled in the southern part of the storm. we have wind we are drying out. in the next hour i will put the new shirt. we are on the do you know and atlantic ocean. the wind is tearing the tops off the pray and incredible spray. and that is just too much roberts for anybody. and coming back up in the top of the do you know. there is floding on the other side of the sound in small
5:35 pm
towns, the river that runs in that area. pongo got inundated by the amount of water the wind was pushing. the gazebo where they are handling the light and let me pop over here. they say that the flooding in that area was worse than in hurricane isabelle in 2003. and that's the yard stick which they measure flooding. serious things going on in the west side of the sound. that is 45 miles southwest of the where we are. >> north of us. we have problems with the roads, they are impassable because of the trees and branches that went down. they have to clean it up tomorrow at first like. there is one more week of summer lefted hading in the labor day weekend. this is the most incredible
5:36 pm
part of this in the outer banks. out to corola. shep, i know you are familiar with the area and you may know that they buried a lot of the power line to make it pleasing for the residents in the north part. that works two ways. it looks good. and you don't lose power. this area only lot of power 20 seconds today and even in a large tropical storm, you lose power. maybe the folks in ocean city could take a little bits of a lesson from this. and burying the power lines and you will not have the problems. shep, there were no 911 calls in the outer banks. and no injuries and no fatalities. and talking to the mayor of kill devil hills, the most amazing storm is how little happened. it could be open for business if not tomorrow maybe again on
5:37 pm
minuted and all of the businesses that got so bad, may be able to make more bang after labor day. >> that is great to hear. john roberts, all of the best to you in northline mall. thanks a lot. where is the storm now and what is the projection? we expect an update within minute in the national hurricane center. they give them every three hours beginning at 8:00 and len and two and five and len. they have gone to do it every two hours and we have an update at 7:00 and it comes before that and another one at 9:00 in the next few minutes and go to maria molina. >> that's right. as of 7:00 p.m. we knew that the center was 35 milesest of the norfoc, virginia. it is slowly moving northward and further off to the east of
5:38 pm
norfork, virginia. dry air is starting to work near the center of the storm system. you can see it eating away near the convection right there. very big in size. i don't want anyone to breathe a sigh of relief. it is a good sign because of how close the storm is to land. but it is over water and likely going to see more convection and thunderstorms reform in the next several hours. something that does help hurricanes restrengthen and tropical storms restrengthen is water temperatures in the low 80s help them gain strength. temperatures in the region where the storm is in the upper cents. that doesn't mean that we think it is going to weaken it is a large storm system and takes a long time for them to change. it is enough warm water to
5:39 pm
help contain the strength. as ited has to the new york city and making landfall in parts of the landfall and long island. part of the reason it is tracking northward a trop digging in to the west of it. that will help speed it up. and impacting new york city and long island. we don't think it is going to happen. they are not the most reliable model. it is in new york city and portions of long island. we expect it in long island and new york city 4-8 feet. that is significant. there is two scenarios. one if it at as west of the new york city. that is worst case for new york harbor and all of that water will pile up and battery city. that was evacuated because of
5:40 pm
this reason and potential storm surge there . what i think will happen. i think it will drift over central portions of long island and we'll look at a storm surge of 4-8 feet. and that will help things out in new york city. but again, looking at impact with storm surge and a lot of heavy rain and threat of tornados, there is a tornado watch that is issued out until tomorrow morning in new york city and much of morsion - portions of new jersey. i hope you are safe and hunkered down. there being be a tornado right now on the ground and big rain maker 6 ov 12 inches and locally 20 inches. >> shepard: 6-12 and some spots as much as 20. and then add the storm surge. >> it is a lot of water. >> complete updates throughout the night and we are expecting the latest update from the
5:41 pm
national hurricane center. it is officially 9:00 eastern time and we'll see what the national hurricane center thinkings about the area of dry air if anything. watch the end of the loop, right there. that area is growing, isn't it. where did you hear this first? we'll see. are they projecting it to get weaker, no. are they project being the dry air and are we looking at it and it is there. we are getting new video of a man knocked off of his feet in the storm. bayhead, new jersey and this is 60 miles south of new york city. be careful and you can see him walk out in the bridge and boardwalk and it collapsed. we are led to believe he is just fine and we wouldn't have showed the video.
5:42 pm
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>> we are getting new information. these are live pictures from the john roberts cam rampt officials say combination of heavy rain and high tide that comes with the new moon are bringing extensive flooding on the sound side to towns on the coast. the dare county emergency management office said most of the manteo flooded with three feet of water as the tide came in tonight. officials say they are going door to door to move people to safer ground using army vehicles. bad flooding hit roan oak island and kitty hawk, north carolina it is not clear how many people didn't heed the
5:46 pm
evacuation warnings and need help. highway 12 are impassable and the tide came in hour and 45 minutes ago. concern about dare county in north carolina that may have stayed behind. on new york island hampton beach and west hampton dunes evacuated. homes on do you know road sit between the ocean and bay . some point is just wide enough for homes on either side and water after that. johnathon hunt found a man who would not leave and doing what he could to protect the dream house that he bought just a few weeks ago. >> i am securing the cottage. most homes are raised and you know, in this case. we got it five months ago.
5:47 pm
>> five months ago. >> yeah. just finishing cleaning up. >> that is emotional for you. >> yeah. >> no insurance. and if it goes you lost all of that. >> yeah. i will have to start all over again. i got good friends and hopefully put it back together. we expect the water to come in and i got to get out of the house . then monday we'll hopefully start rebuilding. >> he certainly wanted to have insurance. but there was a timing mistake. he was supposed to get it on monday. hopefully nothing happens. we hope it is there on the dunes. we are interested in the video and peculiars. don't put yourself in harm's
5:48 pm
way. fox reportment this is some of them from new york city . clouds over manhattan before the sun went down and across the river in new jersey and across the hudson river. 81st street and third avenue on the upper east side. that is looking in brooklyn. this is broomingdales . i have never seen that. macy's. bloomingdales on lexington in the low 60s . shuttled. bloomies not having a sunday. shoppers, many apologies. and the subway systems and all of the transits are closed down monday. and boston will be hut down tomorrow as well and new york
5:49 pm
city is in hurricane irene's sight. we'll have live report. shepard smith. and gerarledo rivera begins in the top of the hour and that is times square and what it looks like if no one is there. y? i'm not having a heart attack. it's my back. no, this is new bayer advanced aspirin... clinically proven to relieve tough pain twice as fast as before. what, did you invent this or something? well, my team did. i'm dr. eric first, from bayer. wow. look. it has microparticles. it enters the bloodstream faster and rushes relief right to the site of pain. better? great! thanks. [ male announcer ] new bayer advanced aspirin. extra strength pain relief. twice as fast. test our fast relief. love it, or get your money back. we know how to tighten our purse strings. sugar salmon flakes! sorrbuddy. even with bath tissue. that's why i buy new charmin basic. it's very reasonably price and it holdsp so much better than the leading competitive brand. new charmin basic
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eight minutes on the east coast of the united states. the storm is making its weigh north. the asked me if i wanted it we are expecting that update to come in, in a matter of successes . if we could drop the banner for a moment. i want to look at the area. the weather center is careful to remind you that the storm
5:53 pm
is not projected to break up at all. it comes in the new york city area sometimes in the morning around hurricane-force and slightly above. and stays together until then. nablue sky in the lower eye of the storm is there. and so we are hoping that the national hurricane will give us guidance on that in a minute. in virginia there is heavy flooding and wind. it is wet and exciting not like thrill seeking, but lots of rain and heavy winds .
5:54 pm
everyone knows norfolk because of the military influence and our good friends at waby television. i wonder if you can give a sense of what it is like compared with the other storms that you dealt with there? >> it is intense and one of the longest ones i have seen. i have been through several hurricanes and never left and this is, i was here for isabell . this is longer in duration and i don't remember seeing this much rain for this many hours. >> shepard: we want to let our viewers know that the national weather center issued a tornado warning for atlantic city, new jersey. they issued it just moment ago. tornado warning for southeastern atlantic county in new jersey. this is in place for the next 20 minutes. in just a few minutes ago.
5:55 pm
doppler radar indicated a severe thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado near longport and moving north and west at 45 miles per hour. it is near atlantic city in six minutes . make sure and take cover. we have just got the new 9:00 advisory from the national hurricane center and here it is. actually the top of flash -- it is the top of urgeent hurricane irene. maximum winds are 80 miles per hour and higher gusts, it is still moved up the midatlantic coast. and post tropical cyclone will
5:56 pm
not happen until tomorrow . it will not lose hurricane status until tomorrow night or early morning. this is a partial that is cut and pressure. i don't know the pressures right now. but maximum sustained wins are 80 miles per hour and the storm is continuing on the track we saw. and great interest of this us here is the dry air. that is comin in from the west. you can see look at the bigger loop and big rounded loop on the left hand side. clouds are spinning off there. they are not. that is the natural spin of the storm going in a counter clock wise direction. we have watched the storm for what seems like. the eye is not about formed right now. but the case throughout it is symetriical .
5:57 pm
water and predictable. the area of dry air is not talked about. i was not aware that it exists. could it change the course of things? probably not. could it make it weaker. we didn't think it was coming at all. important to stay tune. geraldo rivera will have our coverage after a quick commercial break. i will be back tomorrow 9:00 eastern. we presume the city is hit by irene. ♪ spiriva helps control my copd symptoms... keepinmy airways open... ...a full 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups.
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